Avoid Online Dating Horror Stories

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Online Dating Horror Stories

Meeting your significant other through the internet is not as far-fetched at these times than it used to be. There was a time that it was generally frowned upon but now that everything’s online, it is quickly becoming a norm. It started really not with the internet itself but a fringe benefit of the internet and the technology that spawned from its uses. Instantaneous audio/video communications, smartphones, and apps have enabled dating sites to pop up all over the net. They even have  music dating app. As with any other technology, it has its dangers. Here are some of the most important points to remember when finding love on the internet.

Never talk about money

   Do not be afraid to find love on the internet. Just never talk about money period. The moment the other party asks for money, no matter how innocently it got to that point, stay away and end communication. NEVER under any circumstance disclose financial information or anything that can be used to defraud you. SSN, bank details, card details, and online banking information are targets for fraudsters online.

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Keep Communications Official

    What is meant by this is that if you are using a Dating App or Service, keep the communications within that app or within the site until after your judgment tells you to give out your personal email or phone number. Remember, personal emails and phone numbers have your details attached to them so there is a possibility that a person that would want to do you harm may be able to trace you through them. Keeping the communications contained in the app or service will help in case you need evidence or for tracking purposes. In this way, you also avoid the urge to share intimate pictures with a person you think you are bonding with,

 saving you from future blackmailing or scandalous problems too.

Do not Keep it a secret

     This one is obvious if you are going out on an actual date for a match you found on an online dating app, tell someone about it. Better yet call a friend while you are on a date and make them hear that you are telling a friend about your date. Talk to your mom, your friend, brother or whoever you can allow knowing who you will be with that evening. This one is BASIC and applies to all dates that you go to.

    Above all else, trust your instincts, get a feel for the person and the situation. If it doesn’t feel right, stop talking to them and move on.