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Wide Neck Bottles

Dr. Brown’s bottles are considered as the best baby product in the market. Many doctors advise its use. There is a variety of options available for parents to choose from. If you are looking for a healthy product for your baby, Dr.Browns Fles is your best choice. At Nutur, you can choose from a wide range of products according to your needs. The first option ist choose either a standard or a wide neck bottle.

Wide Neck Bottles

Wide Neck Bottles

As the name suggests, the wide neck bottles are wider than the standard ones. This is generally a good option when you breast and bottle feed alternatively. The teat is same as the Dr. Browns bottle but a bit wider. As the baby’s mouth opens wider while being fed by a wide neck bottle, the nipple-teat confusion vanishes. You can either choose a narrow or wide neck bottle for your kid based on your needs. Mostly, parents prefer the bottle which is easier to hold.

Wide Range of Teats

Teats are the most important part of a baby-bottle. Choosing the right teat is therefore a crucial step! The teats differ in the speed with which the food flows through them. Dr. Brown offers a great variety of teats. It has been further categorized according to the baby’s age and eating habits.

  • Phase 1 teats: Suitable for infants up to 3 months.
  • Phase 2 teats: Apt for babies in the age group of 3-6 months.
  • Phase 3 teats: Preferable for 3-9 months old babies.
  • Phase 4 teats: Suitable while feeding soft food and for greedy eaters.

In addition to all these, premature soap is also available.

About the Material

Dr. Brown teats are made of very soft silicone that has been clinically tested. The soft silicone material helps the babies to self-regulate the food flow. The food flow will depend on how strongly the baby sucks on the teat. Gentle sucking will lead to slower food flow while hard sucking will lead to faster food flow.

The teats are developed in a special shape and with a soft texture that ensures that the teat lies perfectly in your baby’s mouth.

It is advised to replace the teats in every six weeks or even earlier if it shows signs of wear.

Pacifier + Teethers

The specialty of pacifier from Dr. Brown lies in the fact that it has a suction-free air channel due to which less suction power is needed. It creates a low pressure that makes it comfortable and pleasant for the baby. Dental problems like cross bite can be prevented by reducing the pressure in the mouth.

Teethers are developed by a pediatric dentist and it helps in softening the painful gums of the baby. It relieves pressure on the gums and massages the gums. These should be kept in freezer or refrigerator.

Together with this, a lot more accessories by Dr. Browns Fles are available for babies. Go through the products and make the best choice for your babies. Our happiness lies in the babies’ smiles.