The art and architecture of luxury yachts

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architecture of luxury yachts

Luxury yachts are the latest craze for the uber-rich who are willing to invest millions of dollars to get the thrill of travelling on a super luxury floating vessels with all the ultra-modern, super stylish and highly advanced amenities one could think of having customised in them. These yachts have amazing designs and architectures and a range of amenities from basic simple to out of the world avant garde innovations and installations. The luxury yachts are maneuvered and maintained by skilled yachtsmen, captains and hospitality crew and are kept ever ready to take off sailing on a moment’s notice.

giga yachts

The luxury yachts are characterised as superyachts, mega yachts and even giga yachts. Although most of them have the same basic specifications and amenities to be called luxury yachts, the superyachts and mega yachts are characterised if they are more than 24 meters or more in length whereas the giga yachts are over-the-top huge vessels with over 200 meters in length. None of the giga yachts have been commissioned till now with the longest luxury yacht measuring a size of around 181 meters. The main deck is often customized for the owner which may also constitute several rooms. The upper deck has the captain’s cabin whereas the lower deck is allocated for guest suites and crew quarters. These basic designs can be altered as per the custom preferences of the owner. The other amenities the owners wish to have customized into their luxury yachts include state-of-the-art televisions, satellite communication systems, high end audio-visual systems, top-notch gym area, movie theatres, spas, water toys, saloons, infinity pools, children play areas, libraries, medical centre, private sitting rooms, etc. Though these huge sailing vessels are a wonder to behold, the sheer opulence of them and the amount of money invested make them more alluring to the elite-rich as a symbol of luxury and a very good status entity.

Traveling in yachts is mesmerizing experience as we feel close to nature. Super luxury yacht is super expensive, normal people cannot afford to buy it or rent it. When compared with the superyacht, the semi yacht is little to construct with few platforms and the best architecture.