Useful guidance to replace the bulb in projector

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replace the bulb in projector

In the present days, projection technology has been used everywhere like theatres, classrooms, churches, business presentations and more. Of course, people also interested in buying these projectors for their home to enjoy the movies on big screen like the theatre. It doesn’t a matter to buy the projector, but it needs to be maintained well for increasing its durability. Mainly, taking care of projector lamp is very important, because these lamps can only last for around 2000 hours of usage. So, the projector bulb replacementsmay be often needed when it is used frequently. In order to offer the projector bulbs, there are so many suppliers available.

Replacing project lamp

Replacing project lamp

Whether the image shown by the projector becomes dim or stopped, you will definitely need the bulb replacement. The oldest version of Halogen lamps will stop working at these times and the modern lamps decreases its performance. So, when they reach these points, you should ensure that this is the right time to replace the bulbs.

So, if you are going to replace the lamp in the projector, you should consider various important things and they are listed as follows.

Initially, you should make sure that you have the best replacement bulb. Since there are so many shops available to provide you the bulbs, you can buy it based on the brand of projector you have.

  • Next, you should turn off the projector and allow it to get to cool.
  • Then, flip the projector and lay it on ground.
  • Remove the lamp cover with the screwdriver
  • Insert the new replacement bulb in the same way as you took out the old one.
  • Finally, plug in the projector to the socket and check whether it works normally

These are the main procedure in projector bulb replacements​ and you can get know more by searching online.