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One of the integral parts of the office design and interiors is the lighting, and just like the entire layout of the office, it creates a big impact on the people’s impression that uses this four cornered-space.

In this article, let me show you the best tips maximizing the office lighting to create a perfect illumination from a source expert in this field.


  • Provides health and well-being- The first element in choosing the best office lights is to consider the elements that benefit the well-being and overall health of those who are using it. For obvious reasons, we use lights in our office spaces to provide us with enough illumination to complete our tasks with accuracy and to light up dark areas that may give us hindrance in completing our tasks and give us comfort.
  • Light colour- There are office spaces that need a particular colour of light to perfectly blend with the office space’s paint to provide a matching effect of its contrast and shade. Some lights are too bright or have too much colour that might affect someone’s eyesight and in result could affect someone’s ability to do their task. Office lighting needs color rendering of the lamp, bulb or LED that will be used in the office space because this is considered crucial especially for interior designers that are critical when it comes to the Colors Rendering Index (CRI) if the colors of the interior, walls, and the light mix together perfectly to provide light source and overall illumination of the office space.
  • Tunable white- When it comes to LED technology, it must be flexible enough to use tunable white colour within its luminaires because the colour temperature of the office space or the room will be changing throughout the day which needs a constantly changing luminaires as well. This is beneficial for the people occupying the room or office space because tunable white is the one that enhances the user experience of the lighting if the reflection from the light source outside the structure begins to reflect what natural light is doing without directing itself as far as to what circadian lighting is.
  • Perfect luminaire- This is very important to prevent the office lighting from being too dim and dark that it promotes cave effect rather than reliable illumination and lighting. Having enough lighting to an office space promotes good mood and positive feeling that makes a person motivated to finish their tasks compared to a dim and dark room which has a cave effect that induces a lazy effect to the person in it.
  • Looks and feel- If you already have established your office lighting you should also look on the aspect on how people will feel the lighting once they enter the space. You should make a highlight of the office space’s key features by providing it good lighting to add more interests to the people that use it. This will also add more definition on the shape as well as the space of the office creating a more visual scene that adds more effects and beauty to the interior and the overall design of the office.