TorGuard VPN Review- your ultimate security provider

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ultimate security provider

TorGuard, established in the United States offers VPN services to thousands of users universal. As per TorGuard Review, Its VPN service provides access to 42+ states and has 1200+ servers. The firm offers stealth devoted IP’s plus encrypted web traffic. TorGuard also has some added features which comprise proxy service otherwise secure email server and creates it really an exciting alternative to the maximum of the competitors.

using TorGuard VPN

Features and Services

TorGuard offers infinite bandwidth usage and can concurrently connect up to five devices. It moreover offers standard encryption procedure options, for example, SSL, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

The firm’s VPN services offer unnamed IP address to stop others from finding your location and personal IP address. It permits users to unblock any website irrespective of its geographical location otherwise firewall. It also offers easy proxy setup plus dedicated 24/7 helpdesk for customers.

As per TorGuard Review Similar other VPN service providers, payment approaches include credit cards, debit card plus PayPal. TorGuard does not provide 24 hours of phone support but it does have a 24/7 live chat available from its homepage as well as user account area.

Why I required TorGuard VPN

Everyone has their own causes of downloading otherwise using a VPN, for me there were numerous, so here are the profits that having a VPN gets me a. Alteration in IP Address:

The maximum basic variation that a VPN makes for us generally is a change in our IP address. We get to select from a number IP addresses of our choice, altering the IP address makes sure our internet actions can’t be connected back to us in our real-lives otherwise physical location.

  • Let’s me Unblock Any Website

In additional words, using TorGuard VPN unblocks congested websites as well as content on the web for me since it alterations my IP address, which fakes my site on the internet in addition to hence the websites are unblocked.

  • Stops Hacking Attempts

it alterations the IP address as has been stated already, which creates it impossible for somebody to hack into mine otherwise your systems using “IP address”, as it is one of the most usually used approaches to hack into systems.