When To Consider Using Synthetic Motor Oil

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Synthetic Motor Oil

There are some vehicle manufacturers nowadays who require car owners to use synthetic motor oil for their car engines. That is because using synthetic oil comes with plenty of advantages compared to conventional motor oil. Even though its a bit pricier compared to the standard oil, many vehicle owners still prefer this because of the benefits that it brings in the long run.

Synthetic Motor Oil Lasts Longer

Synthetic motor oil is designed to be more effective in resisting breakdown. This means that the oil will last longer compared to mineral oil. This can also withstand extreme temperatures. So during the colder months, you will not have any problem with it going solid. It will flow seamlessly which is good for your car engine. And because of this, it will reduce the engine wear that is usually caused by frigid startups during cold temperatures.

Standard oil may not get warm enough in order to burn off the moisture and the impurities, especially during shorter trips. This is why conventional motor oil breaks down easily. So if you are living in an area with extreme weather conditions, like very cold winters and very hot summers, or maybe you are using your vehicle to tow and haul heavy equipment most of the time, synthetic oil is very much recommended because it does not break easily.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil Can Avoid Sludge Buildup

According to expert mechanics, another good use of synthetic engine oil is its ability to avoid sludge buildup, especially on older engines. This residue can block the passages and cause more engine problems, even engine death. The sludge will form when the oil starts to break down. This is why synthetic motor oil is highly recommended to these engines and this is what you get from Walmart Auto Maitenance.

Environment Benefits

Since synthetic motor oil can prolong oil life, you would need fewer oil changes. This is one of the major benefits to the environment. Remember that used motor oil is a toxic waste source in water. You will not only be enjoying the benefits but also Mother Nature will thank you for that.

When Not To Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Again, synthetic motor oil can be more expensive than standard oil. In fact, it can cost up to three or four times as much than the regular oil. If this is not something that you can fit in your budget, check your owner’s manuals. If it does not specifically require synthetic, then your car does not need it. But if your budget permits, use synthetic oil to prolong the life of your car’s engine.