Technique Used by Gantt Chart

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The Gantt chart is one kind of charting method used widely in the project management. They are mainly used to present the right schedules of every task that is involved in some project, and progress or current status of every task. It gives project manager a clear picture about the entire project because all tasks needed for the completion are indicated on this chart. Order in which tasks have to be done is illustrated at Gantt very clearly. Overall, this helps the project managers to get more organized with the management.

The following are some real-life advantages that managers have already experienced from using the automated Gantt for the project management.

Complex Information Is Manageable

The Gantt charts make important project information very easily scannable and users know:

  • When will they complete by?
  • How that task relates to project?
  • Who will complete the project or task?

To convey the information, tasks will be displayed as the horizontal lines spanning some portions of timeline, as well as are color-coded for representing employee and department they are assigned to. The Gantt charts make any complex information manageable as the visual nature makes this simple to comprehend the detailed project or task information at one glance.

Team Productivity Is Improved


The task assignment or progress information will be displayed publicly—and helping the individuals to stay on the top of their work whereas allowing the members to hold one another accountable. When the project has started, Gantt charts display the progress in many ways, including:

  • Users can hover on and click on the task to view any additional details, like “start date” or “end date” or “duration”
  • Task will get shaded, reflecting “percent complete”

In addition, a few tools allow the managers and administrators to schedule the email and in-app alerts whenever any task is nearing the due date or any activity is at the risk of not getting completed on a given time. For instance: If the task is 2 days away from the deadline but is just 20% complete, both the project manager and the responsible party will be alerted. It allows the corrective measures to enact, like reducing individual’s workload and assigning other person for the help.


So, by tracking down the progress publicly, the Gantt charts software will serve as the motivational tool. Gantt charts allow higher team productivity as they help the individuals to manage their time better that in turn helps the teams to improve the overall performance.