Alexis Assadi: Turning Mistakes Into Positivity

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Turning Mistakes Into Positivity

Dedication and hard work are the driving forces of Alexis Assadi’s success at such a young age of 26. By this age, he was already a self-made success story that has reached people around the world through his book, Rich at 26. Growing up, he belonged to a middle-class family, but was fortunate enough to have hard working parents, who made things possible for their family. Admittedly, he wasn’t that great in school, unless the subject interests him, that is. One thing’s for sure, though. He was definitely inclined in investing.

Starting Out in the Business

Even while he was in college, Alexis Assadi already had investing in mind. He invested in mutual funds, and even took more risks as time went by. He worked for his uncles, primarily, but eventually found himself in the investment world. Through his book, he was able to tell his story and how every stumble and fall have paved the way for making him stronger and sturdier than the last time. He showed the world that mistakes are not made for giving up. Rather, it was meant to give hope.

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Helping Others Reach Financial Freedom

He started out his blog not only for the sake of writing it, but with the primary objective of helping others seek out passive income. With passive income, you can actually attain financial freedom sooner than later. Alexis was naturally drawn to entrepreneurs and investors who are as motivated as himself in taking risks. He also loved traveling and meeting people around the globe. Alexis believes that with constant learning, you can do great things.

Investing requires a certain kind of commitment that would last for a lifetime. If you want to succeed, you need to be strong and open-minded enough to employ even complex strategies. Wealth could not be built just by getting employed. Wealth is built by obtaining assets that can readily produce income. A degree in college is meant to acquire knowledge and not wealth. It is basically up to you to turn your knowledge into something worth your while. You don’t go to school to get rich, you go to school to learn.

Alexis Assadi looked at investing as a craft and not a job. This is basically the reason why he has repeatedly succeeded in in his ventures. He did not hire any financial advisor or investment coach. He started out by learning everything there is about investing, honing his craft, and practicing it. after several years of practice, he was able to refine his skills. Yes, it would take years, but it will all be worth it.