Davenport laroche shipping business review

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shipping business review

I have 92 shipping containers with Davenport laroche. I always had good experience with leasing the containers. Recently I have decided to sell 30 containers and sold them. They paid me as per my contract.

Currently I have 60 containers. I am extremely happy with their customer service. The leasing team or the investment team gives proper knowledge on when one must buy the containers and where they should be leased. Through their assistance I always did really well financially.

In some situation they also suggested me to trade my shipping containers since the leasing contract was about to end in another 4 months. So, I agreed for trading the containers in some other location. This lead to high returns. I am a happy customer. This is a low risk investment and meantime a high return investment as well. I always recommend them to other investors who are interested in hard asset investment.

Initially I found their offer online when I was thinking to earn some additional income sitting at home. Just with 4 containers I have started. At this point I chose high income plan and monthly payment.

selling the containers

I never regret the decision of buying containers. I started getting payment on time. The return on investment was very good and more than satisfactory. Especially the staff is really helpful. They just rush in to provide solutions to the investors when even needed. So, starting from 4 containers now I own 90 containers. I always recommend this to my friends. Even for me some other friend suggests this.

Since I had less money I invested in just 4 containers. But one can even start with more number. I was looking out for low risk investment option at that time. I never wanted to gamble everything on stock market. I have this experience as well.

I always try selling the containers to make huge profits and I did this. They were sold for pretty good profit. It comes with a guaranteed return contract. So, after 5 years they can buy back all the containers we have.

There will be regular update for investors regarding containers we own currently from the team. So I am always grateful to one of my friends who suggest this to me. It’s been three years now, my journey with Davenport laroche. I am satisfied with their investment solutions and services.