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It is well known that coin grading is the most prominent factor in determining the value of a coin. Grading coins correctly is the most important aspect in being successful in buying the coins that will do well in terms of value over the years. For this, one should have an idea about coin grading and the international coin grading chart to make the right decision while trading coins. Like any other thing, that starts on a simple note and later becomes complicated; coin grading too began with three simple terms to define the value of a coin. But as the years passed by and the coin trading market expanded, the coin grading system became more precise and also more complex for a beginner to understand.


What Numismatists should know?

There are various abbreviations like UNC, VF, EF etc. used in the coin grading that may confuse a numismatists in the beginning. The coin in the uncirculated state is considered of highest grade since it is least worn as it has not undergone hand to hand treatment. These uncirculated coins on circulation deteriorates in quality to extremely fine which further goes deterioration to very fine, fine, good etc. All these conditions are given an abbreviation in the coin grading system which an avid coin collector must know to make worthy coin trade.

Sheldon Scale:

Sheldon scale was proposed by a well known numismatist named William Herbert Sheldon. It is a 70 point coin grading scale used to assess the quality of coins. All major coin grading companies use Sheldon scale for the grading purpose. The 70 grades on the Sheldon scale ranges from ‘poor’ that is not clear enough to identity to Mint State 70 which is considered as the perfect coin, as minted having no trace of wear. All the 70 grades are given grade codes which a coin collector should have knowledge of before trading coins.

Having a knowledge of coin grading and coin grading chart will help you in making the right deal and improving the quality of your valuable collection.