Why You Should Try WebJaguar B2B E-Commerce Solutions

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E-Commerce Solutions

B2B (business to business) E-Commerce, its a very well known commerce term that has a pretty simple definition that not all people know about. B2B are these transactions that are made by a business to another business online. Examples of that are manufacturers to wholesalers, manufacturers to retailers and wholesalers to retailers. This has already been a common practice since the beginning of time and has since then evolved when E-Commerce exploded out of proportion.

E-Commerce has been this marketing strategy that has many business owners and people that plans to have a business have been looking at and for a very good reason. Putting up an E-Commerce business is cheap. E-Commerce re-defined how a business would be and that is breaking the norm that you need to shell out a ton of money in order for your business to be realized. Opening an online store is really cheap, automation services are cheap, ads online are cheap as well and not to mention company page for a social media presence is even free. Quite frankly, you don’t even need to put up a physical store just to have an online store, you can skip that process and you don’t even need to have an inventory as well and that is called dropshipping.

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Aside from being cheap, what are its other perks: The perks of E-Commerce and perhaps is its appeal is its reach. When you’re on the world wide web, you get this instantaneous access to the world. Way back when E-commerce wasn’t very popular, the only way to dominate the international market is to put up a physical store in other countries, but with E-commerce, you don’t have to, it’s instantaneous. The only one that is setting you back is you. if you are able to handle international shipping concerns, warranties, returns and so on.

Global dominance comes cheap: When you look at commerce 20 years ago, who would have thought that being a dominant commerce brand can be as cheap as it is now? If you are growing, you want to tap into other countries you don’t have to put up a physical store, you just need to get more people to help you manage the workload with your E-Commerce from ordering, listings, disputes, customer service and so on. But it can be overwhelming if you’re already operating on a global scale.

What is the solution: The solution to a pile of paperwork, hours and hours of overtime, redundant process and overstaffing is automation. The fact s that many businesses are losing money to processes that they don’t need, overstaffing and overworked employees due to primitive process and bad inventory management. The solution is automation, it will help you get in order everything and help you scale your business with less headache.

B2B E-Commerce is defined as a transaction online from business to business. While the cost of doing commerce is cheap, the process is not as easy since it’s still you that’s going to make the process and workflow on how your company should run. If you plan to scale your business having a manual process will not do and adding more people is not the solution either. The real solution is automation if you need a good automation process that will fit your needs WebJaguar B2B E-Commerce Solutions has the answer for you.