Helpful Tips to Rekindle Artistic Inspiration

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Rekindle Artistic Inspiration

If there is a mental block for writers, there is creativity burnout for artists. If you are a conceptual artist, inspiration is necessary. At some point in time, an artist will feel uninspired and uncreative. This period of lack of artistic inspiration is normal and you need to embrace the process. However, you have to be aware that the burnout can last for many days up to several months.

Knowing this, it is crucial that you look for ways to rekindle your inspiration. Here are some tips:

Get out and see art

Many artists work in isolation in their studio but sometimes, solitude can lead to temporary lack of inspiration. Knowing this, you have to get out, meet fellow artists and see their art. For example, in the world of conceptual art, Loris Gréaud is recognised as the most influential artist in this generation. Seeing his pieces might give you an idea.

Aside from visiting a gallery, you should also join Arts and Crafts fairs. It is nice to be surrounded by fellow artists. It might be a great source of inspiration because of the conversation and exchanging of ideas. If this is not enough, you can visit art blogs and leave comments. You can also sign up for art newsletters.

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Keep your art supplies accessible

You will never know when an inspiration will come so it is better to keep your art supplies and tools accessible. This also means that you need to show up at your studio. Lack of inspiration is not the same as lack of motivation. When you lack inspiration, it is prudent to show up at your studio and revisit your old sketchbooks of the journal for potential inspiration.

Collect photos and keep them organised

When you see a thing of beauty, it is imperative that you take a photo. The photos should be collected and organised. To do this, you can simply clip out any pictures and store them. It can be a digital copy or a hard copy. Whatever you prefer, make sure that you keep a record. When you lack inspiration, you can browse through the pages and who knows you can get inspiration from it.

Start doodling

When you are out of inspiration, doodling is a good exercise. You can start doodling of the things that surround you. You can also sketch from the photos you took and even plan for your next project.

Participate in art challenges

Sometimes artists need a nudge to stay on track. This is possible by participating in art challenges. There are many online communities that have monthly art challenges. You will find many artists posting pictures or themes and inviting other artists. This opportunity is good so other artists can make constructive comments.

Focus on improving your technique

Creating art for the sake of creating can be liberating. If for now, you lack inspiration, you can spend your time improving your technique of medium. Basically, it means you need to experiment and try new things. Just go where the art takes you. Do not worry about the outcome because you will always feel failure. The most important thing to remember is to keep creating and enjoy the process.