IPTV features for better services to the viewers

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IPTV features

In this article you will get complete information about IPTV and the best IPTV services provider. IPTV provides the packet based delivery system to the users. You can bundle it with other IP-based services like voice over IP (VoIP) and high speed internet. the proper use of IP enables the providers to support different other services and applications like video on demand, in program messaging and timeshifting. The uses can also consume the contents other ways besides live broadcasts. IPTV is in competition with other delivery systems like Internet TV. Internet TV is known as the television content distributed through the website. Read the whole article for the best iptv subscription packages.

iptv subscription packages

There are many companies that provide the IPTV services but UPMAKER is the best among them for providing the top quality IP services. Internet protocol television uses internet protocols to transfer the television programs over internet. You will get the dynamic features and improved user experience as compared to the traditional television transmission including radio frequency broadcast, satellite broadcast and cable television. you can enjoy the channels using iptv and you only required to have a broadband connection. Broadband connection is the medium of transmission for iptv subscription packages. IPTV is more efficient medium of transmission than the traditional system. Television broadcast transmission has gone through continues development. You can see IPTV as a collection of protocol, hardware, infrastructure and software. In IPTV a series of IP packets that are encoded to deliver the video streaming are broadcasted. You will only receive the program that you request to view. When you change a channel then you will receive a new stream unlike in the traditional broadcasting where all the channels are transmitted simultaneously. There are three main features of IPTV as mentioned below.

  • VOD: VOD stands for video on demand this one of the main feature that you can use as a IPTV user. Each user can chose a video form the catalogue of videos and the user can watch the program as many times as he/she want. Unicast transmission is used in this feature. Traditional system uses multicast transmission to transmit the channels. VOD uses the real time streaming protocols.
  • DVR: DVR stands for digital video recorder you can use this feature to watch the previous videos or programs. The users of IPTV can watch the recorded shows without DVR devices.