Shapewear for the new moms

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Shapewear for the new moms

Postpartum girdles are basically corsets that are perfect for bringing the body back to shape after delivery.  These postpartum girdles can also be called as shapewear for post pregnancy; it helps in compressing the stomach, hips and giving them a perfect shape. If you have just delivered a baby and are puzzled about the way to get back in shape? Then postpartum girdle is the right solution for you.

best postpartum girdles

The best postpartum girdles

There are a variety of postpartum girdles available in the market, so if you are looking for the best postpartum girdle then here are a few options:

  • The three piece shapewear- It has three adjustable parts, which makes it easy to fit. This shapewear is easy to wear and comfortable moreover one can atleast breathe properly while wearing this. It has the ability to make one look slim instantly as the fabric that this is made of is lightweight and relaxing.
  • Bodysuit shapewear-A bodysuit shapewear gives instant coverage and is one of the best postpartum girdles to wear. It gives shape to the whole body and is also quite flexible and comfortable even if worn a longer duration.
  • Girdle with hook closure- This girdle is breathable and comes with a hook which is why it fits comfortably and can be removed whenever required.
  • Shapewear panty- The shapewear panties have an abdominal panel that compresses the stomach and gives it support. The material that it is made of is flexible, so there is no discomfort in wearing it after a c-section.
  • Benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle

There are a number of benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle, after delivery like:

  • It is like a confidence booster as new moms have the flab and the baby weight, so wearing a girdle makes the new mom’s feel confident about their body and its shape.
  • The girdle helps in holding the skin tight and prevents the muscles from contracting after delivery.
  • After c-section there is abdominal swelling so wearing a girdle relives the pain and also prevents from the stitches from opening.

Postpartum girdle should be worn by all new moms, irrespective of the fact that they have had a c-section or not.