Woodleigh station: Entrance to Residential Area

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Woodleigh station

Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is an efficient service for travelling in the city. It gets you to your desired location in no time. It is one of the most ideal examples for the society for how public transport should be running in the present modern world. You get trains every other minute. You can buy tickets easily, may have to stand in the queue for a certain duration. The transport system contains both underground as well as above ground stations. And the construction is still going on with new stations added to the circuit every few months.

Woodleigh MRT Station

Woodleigh MRT Station

The metro system is divided in a number of line such as north east line, Jurong Region line, Thomson east coast line, downtown line, circle line, Airport line, east west line and north south line. Park colonial Woodleigh MRT station lies on the north east line. It is station number 11. Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station opens up on the Toa Payoh. It is residential area located in the central region of Singapore. It is a planning area. People are still settling in the location. It bordered by Kallang, Central Water Catchment, Geylang, Novena in the south, north, east and west respectively. This line was started in June 2011. This station is close to many schools, therefore fruitful for child bearing residents.

The Incident

In April 2017, a suspicious substance was found in the Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station due to which it was closed for three hours. But after further investigation, it was found that the substance found in the station was baking flour. And the person who was responsible for creating the unnecessary chaos was a 69-years old man. And he was arrested for causing the public alarm. Other than this, no major incident has been reported from the Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station. A similar incident took place in Hougang station in the month of April only. It was closed for afew hours.

Woodleigh station covers the residential area. If you go to that station, it is probably you live there or you are planning to live there.