4 Things To Consider When Buying Changing Tables with Drawer

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Buying Changing Tables with Drawer

In essence, you do not need to buy a changing table. As long as the baby is safe from falling, you can change diapers from just about anywhere even on the floor. Changing tables with drawer can give you just the right height when changing diapers. At the same time, it can keep your supplies such as diapers, ointment, baby wipes, and a change of clothes organized and reachable. Given the number of options to choose from, what makes a changing table better than another? Here are 4 things to consider to narrow your search.

Check the Safety Strap

When looking for a changing table, make sure that it has a pad that connects to the table with a safety strap. Pads are sold separately but buy a pad size that is recommended by the manufacturer.

models of changing table with drawers

Consider Storage

Most models of changing table with drawers come with open shelves that allow you to easily reach diapers and clothing, either stacked in plain sight or arranged in a decorative wicker basket. Other tables have drawers only while others have a combination of drawers and shelves. Tables with at least one drawer can help you retrieve the supplies you need. While some parents opt for open shelves, drawers can hide diaper supplies which can tempt a curious toddler.

Look for barriers on four sides

Traditional changing tables usually have barriers made of rails or wooden sides. Latest JPMA/ASTM safety standards require changing tables with flat changing surface to have barriers on all four sides. Don’t buy models with just two or three barriers of protection. For tables with contoured changing surface, they should only have barriers on two opposing sides to comply with safety standards. Still, you should always hold your baby when changing diapers for their own security. Always put them on the pad’s safety straps.

Check the height of the table by bending over it

Changing tables have different heights. Some can be as low as 36 inches and others as high as 43 inches. Consider anti-tip devices for all models. To prevent back pain, look for a changing table or dresser that is not proportion to your height. If you are tall, look for tables or dressers that are taller and secure it to the wall with an anti-tip device. If you are short, look for a lower model.

When buying changing tables, you may want to consider pad covers. For pads, make sure that it has a waterproof layer. Make sure that the covers don’t interfere with the straps of the pad.