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Wood lathe is a machine tool that performs operations like facing, turning, grooving, knurling, drilling, sanding etc. on various types of wooden pieces of different sizes and dimensions to produce a desired pattern or product. These products or patterns can then be used in interior designing or home décor or have applications in industrial scale too. Currently these designer wooden items have already become a new trend in the market and have boomed the furniture industry to a new level. This article aims at mentioning about some technicalities of a wood lathe and some wood lathe reviews.

technicalities of a wood lathe

A wood lathe consists of the following parts that have their own specific function to fulfil: –

  • Lathe bed- It is the main supporting frame that holds the entire machine and its working platform. It holds the working platform firmly and hence eases the working load on the part of the operator.
  • Headstock- Running on gears and pulleys, the headstock holds the spindle that aids in the proper rotation of the wooden work piece so that the operations can be conducted smoothly.
  • Tailstock- It is used in cases of very long work pieces where it acts as an additional support to the job piece. It stabilizes the job piece longitudinally and prevents any unwanted clattering or vibrations that may destroy the output of the operation.
  • Carriage- It holds the cutting tool and consists of motion control and mounting components that aid in the cutting motion of the tool and produce the desired pattern on the wooden piece.
  • Cross slide-It is the component that is used during any angular lathe operation which involves any cutting operation in an angle or a different plane.
  • Lead screw- It provides an automatic feed for the thread cutting and other types of threading operations on the work piece.

Choosing the best wood lathe is a very tough job as it depends on a number of factors like the workspace, type of project or industrial work, versatility, speed control, accessories and manufacturer of the tool. In the year 2018, 6 wood lathes have become trending in the market and one can find about them by searching about wood lathe reviews on the internet.