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In the world of hairstyling, it is often confused that the same tools, same equipment, and the same people handle barbershop and hair salons. Well, these two are totally different from one another especially the chairs that barbers and hairstylists use which has its own unique features and functions fit for the required services they offer to their customers.

That is why it is easy to differentiate barber chairs from salon chairs because of its functions and aesthetics. Barber chairs are built with a reclining feature to provide the barber the proper angle for shaving while salon chairs use reclining features for makeup and few hair styles that need this kind of positioning.

barbershop and hair salons

Barber chairs run on the heftier side which has more masculinity in its features and appearance which fits in perfectly inside a barber shop while salon chairs has a more neutral and more often times feminine in appearance which fits also for salons.


Salon chairs are relatively cheaper and more affordable compared to barber chairs because it is built with light but durable materials and it is often designed to be less bulky, neutral and simple which requires lesser materials for its construction while barber chairs, on the other hand, is built to last even for a lifetime which is commonly made of stainless steel frame, comfortable cushioning in its upholstery with an additional features such as foot rest, headrest and arm rest to provide the customer extra comfort which makes it more expensive. It is also bulky and large in size to accommodate large customers.


 Barber chairs just like what I mentioned above is the more durable compared to its counterpart, the salon chair, because it is made up of sturdy materials such as stainless steel and are often made to last longer because as we all know there are a lot of men who have extra in sizes compared to salon chair where it is made up of aluminum framing, has thinner shaft as its frame and it is designed to be lighter compared to barber chair. Barber chairs are made to be stationary; meaning it can’t be moved to another place that is why barber chair manufacturers designed it to be heavy and bulky because men do not usually have longer time to do their haircuts and hair styling compared to women who undergo different methods of hair styling and processes such as coloring, shampooing and hair treatments to mention a few.


 We can’t argue and compare barber chairs from salon chairs when it comes to experience because barber chairs are primarily designed for men and salon chairs for women who have its own unique features and functions that are hard to compare from each other. The bottom line is that no matter how expensive, durable or fancies your barber chair or salon chair is, it all depends on how the barber or hair stylist handles their service to their customer. In the end, it’s up to the barber and hair stylists’ skills to make up the impression. For more information about these type of chairs click on the link.