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Identifying the quality of your granite stone is based on grade. The granite grade is based upon the presence of the soft minerals, its origin, its thickness and cut as well as its colour and porosity that comes with it after it is manufactured and become a byproduct for different uses and purposes.

There are actually a few things to remember when you check the actual quality of the granite stone you wish to purchase, as well as to differentiate it from other stones such as marble and limestones.

Considering that we have to believe that if we have to pay for something it should be better than it is lesser and costly, but it is not always the case when it comes to choosing and buying a granite stone. Usually, the price tag of a single slab of granite stone is often irrelevant with its actual quality. If you have proper knowledge about the different qualities of granite, you can help select the right material at a very reasonable price.


Surprisingly, granites are graded with no specific method or system, which means that there is no set in the industry standards that grades these precious stones, in fact, most granite stone manufacturers and stores have its own in-house system that uses to define different grades of granite stones and in general, the commercial-grade stones contains most soft minerals that are dispersed throughout and it also contains less colour variation compared to the high-quality cuts of granite stones like the gray granite countertops.

gray granite countertops

The mid-grade granite stones meanwhile, can be identified to have a clearer colour appearance and has more elaborate patterns but it does not contain any unique features compared to high-end or high-quality granite slabs. In identifying high-quality granite, it should have a unique colour variant and has vibrant patterns that should be of rarity and should be unique unlike other grades of granite stones.

Considering that there is no exact way to standardized and determine the grading of granite stones, it is very important to list down shops that sell granite stones and compare its prices which aligns with your budget capacity.

Your favourite colour of granite might be commercial-grade, but there is nothing to worry about it, as long as it is well-cut and well-finished. Buying expensive high-grade granite slabs is not necessary unless you want to obtain a rare colour variation and rare patterns that you want to use for a different purpose such as art or science.


If you’re asking, where did the granite slab that you just bought come from? Actually, granites come from all over the world, but the location of its origin does nothing at all with its quality and, but it can affect the cost of it. For instance, if your granite was produced in Vietnam or in South America, its price is usually low due to cheaper labour costs but if it is mined and manufactured in first world countries such as the USA, or in Europe, it is safe to assume that its price is high, but still, its quality and grade has nothing to do with its origin.