Make use of especially designed headsets for Military and SWAT

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headsets for Military and SWAT

It is quite difficult for the military officers to communicate with each other over the radio, as it involves lot of road noise and there is a lot of moving around with flashlights. It is not only difficult for the military people but also for the SWAT operators as they also deal with a lot of noise, and movement throughout the whole day. So communication through the radio in a loud surrounding becomes difficult, which is when there is a need of tactical communication. In a noisy surrounding a mic or a speaker isn’t going to work just like the radio; so there is a need of using military and SWAT headsets that put the sound into the ears directly.

tactical communication and protective system

Especially designed headsets

These headsets are designed by the tactical communication and protective system that especially look after and are concerned with the hearing of the soldiers. These headsets are known to have quite a high tech system for protecting the hearing and can also lower down the ambient sounds. The technology used in these headsets is quite mature as they are mainly developed for military use only and are designed in such a way that it can adapt in a military environment.

Types of headsets

  • CJ-1820-HS001- This is a tactical headset with a four position switch.
  • CJ-1820-HS002- This is a heavy duty headset that has a single earphone and a four position switch.
  • CJ-1820-HS161- A heavy duty headset especially for military and SWAT vehicles.
  • CJ 8413- HS182- This is a single side headset for heavy duty use.

Military and SWAT requires use of headphones that is safe and secure for the army and also comes with a hearing protection. There are a number of other headsets also that are there for this so one can according to their requirements and intensity of an operation can choose and use a headset. Military all around the world makes use of the specially designed headsets for their army, so that the combat or an operation can be carried out successfully.