Installation and Usage of Softros Lan Messenger

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Installation and Usage of Softros Lan Messenger

If you want to install the LAN messenger on Windows then you must follow these simple steps. It is very much important to follow proper steps and methods to install the LAN messenger to use it effectively.

install softros LAN messenger

Steps to install softros LAN messenger on windows system —

  • This method can also be used to install the LAN messenger on a Mac version too. This is pretty simple and straightforward method.
  • You must download the software and click on Run and then the software will get installed by clicking Next and Accepting the Terms of the Software.
  • Once you have installed the software then you can launch it from the Start menu of the task manager. Softros LAN Messenger will display all the users that are present on your network if the software is also installed on other systems that are connected to your LAN network.
  • In order to start your chat session, you must click on the username of the person in the main window with whom you want to chat, and the chat window will then be opened where you can enter your message and then click on the Send button. After clicking that button the message will be sent to the user instantly. There is an option to invite other users into the network for group conversations. You can do this by using the “Invite” button which appears in the chat window.
  • In order to transfer the files, you need to simply drag and drop the file which you want to send into the chat window of the person with whom you want to share files.But the other user must also accept the file in order to receive it. If you want to receive the file from another user then click on the “Accept” button that will appear to receive the file. If you do not want to receive the file which is sent by the sender then you must click on the “Cancel” button, and the file transfer will be canceled.
  • There is also a Remote Desktop feature which can be opened from the chat window and then you must select the feature of “Remote into the User’s Computer.”

These are ways to use the Softros LAN messenger.