LAN Messenger – 3 Basic and Simple Troubleshoot Techniques For Users

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Simple Troubleshoot Techniques For Users

Technology covers almost every area in the industry – and communication is one of them.

At present, people can converse with each other via mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets. This makes it easier for both senders and receivers to deliver the messages and provide instant replies compared before.

The famous tool for virtual interaction is the social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). These online applications among many others are useful in building communication between people regardless of the distance and the time span. One of the highly useful and interactive communication apps that require no Internet connection is called as the LAN Messenger.

LAN messaging program

In the event that a problem arises on your LAN messaging program, here are some troubleshooting tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Disable the firewall

We all know that a firewall is a computer’s defense against hackers, threats, viruses and other vulnerabilities that might affect user’s performance. However, since it’s too efficient, it sometimes disabled even the most needed and safe programs.

Strictly for testing purpose only, consider disabling the firewall for few minutes, including third-party antivirus software and similar apps. Following that, check if the messenger is working and in good condition. Configure the system carefully, especially with the TCU and UDP connections.

But when you don’t trust your skills, refer to the web for a hand. Blogs and videos might be available which could provide tips & instructions.

Contact technical support

Of course, your best solution is to ask for someone who has the expertise in this level. You can contact your technical support team and give them a rundown of the things you did, including the changes you’ve made in the systems.

The next time you encounter an issue with your connection, determine the best troubleshooting technique. Don’t be reluctant to consult professionals when things seem bad and beyond your ability and scope of knowledge – after all, they’re good at their crafts.

Check LAN connection

Another reason why a connection fails to established between PCs is probably that the connection is unstable or not yet ready. You can try to ping the connection to test if it works or not.

Unless you have IT skills and experience, it’s smart to understand the basics of command prompt applications (this is where the ping command happens). Also, understand the outputs. Every time a command is executed, a line of codes would be displayed on the screen. Knowing what they all mean can give you a better understanding of what is going on.

If you have done the above-mentioned tips and still got no  results.