Your Guide to Spotting Online Dating Scammer

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Spotting Online Dating Scammer

Online dating is a fun and thrilling experience. However, not all people have pleasant memories. This is because there are online dating scammers around. These people feast on the weakness of others who are looking for love and relationship. They take advantage and they will work against you. It is important that you protect yourself from these people.

You do not need to stop chatting or dating online because of scammers. You just need to be more vigilant in your dealings with other people. You have to know that online scammers target people with a large amount of information online. Scamming is based on stealing money, credit card information and other personal information that they can use for their illicit activities.

Online dating

Here’s a guide to spotting online dating scammer:

Understand the scamming techniques

Online scammers target vulnerable people. The scammers will first establish a connection and then they will appeal to your emotions. As soon as they gain your trust, they will ask for money and other things. This is their modus operandi. You have to understand this so when someone you just recently met asks for money, it is a clear sign of online scamming.

Look for scamming behavior

The good news is that scammers typically show the same behavior. This will make it easier on your part to determine whether they are in it for the money or for fun. Dating scammers will typically exhibit behaviors like repeatedly asking for personal information, ridiculously romantic or dramatic, early professions of love and insistence of talking outside the dating site.

Review the profile of the person

You have to remember that some people you meet online are not who they say they are. With this, it is important that thoroughly evaluate the person. Although their profile cannot speak about them, it is still a good supplement to your evaluation. Based on their profile, some scammer attributes include high income, attractive pictures, average height, and mid-30s – 40s.

Ask for a meetup

A scammer will not meet you in person because by then you can identify them. They will be reluctant to meet you in person. If the person refuses you right away or gives many excuses, that is a typical sign that they do not want to meet you. If they agree to meet, they will ask you to pay for their ticket.

At the end of the day, your goal is never to become a victim. Online dating should be revered because it can bridge the gap to bring people closer. It should be used to foster relationship not destroy it. It should not be used for illicit activities.