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Router ip address

Today, the world is connected through internet. Ever wondered about the third party connecting your device to the internet? This third party is called the ip address i.e internet protocol which is required for any digital device to be connected to a network. It is actually a unique digital number that gets linked to all the online activity you do. This address is used by each internet service provider to forward internet requests to a specific home or business. In simple words, it is same as our physical address which is used by delivery agents to deliver our products to us.

external public ip address

Private and Public ip addresses:

Both private and public ip addresses are used for communication. The only difference is that the range is limited based on the type of address used. Private ip addresses are unable to reach the public internet. They are able to communicate properly only when they exist behind a router. Public ip addresses cannot be used within a home or business network.

Router ip address:

It will be interesting  for non-techies to note that a home broadband router has two ip addresses-

  • One is its own private ip address on the local network
  • And the other one is the external public address. This external public ip address is used for communicating to outside networks on the internet.

How to check router ip?

The local address of home routers are set to a default, private ip address number. The same address is assigned to all the models from that manufacturer. It can be seen in manufacturer’s documentation. One can also check this ip address in the router’s settings. The router’s private ip address remain static unless someone manually changes it.

The ISP assigns dynamic ip addresses to most customers. Hence, the public ip address of a home network will probably change periodically. Somebody has rightly said that ‘The numbers that identify your device is easy to find, when you know where and how to look.’

Ip addresses are crucial part of any digital device as they are responsible for communication through any network on the internet.