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There is a data limit as your data plan goes over board so also the speed. There are times when you are browsing without wi-fi, you may end you using all of your data and it has to be reworked. So, the unlimited option isn’t what you think you got when you have used all of it up. But nonetheless it is one of the best options that you at present to choose from and it is better than what other plans have to offer and since you can have several add ons with this plan its best to go with it. If you have to stick to your budget, then pricing of most plans are similar as the competitors’ price their plans in accordance  so that they don’t lose out on their customers with a difference in some data percentage or some added perk to give an edge to their plan.

The perks are many especially when you get entertainment services which come alongside of promotions. The services now venture to provide values to what services that they are already are providing to the user and the user can avail them as a part of the package that they subscribe to albeit with the added charges, but it is a good comprehensive plan that will be worth its salt. Along side the service provider as put up numerous half off promotions which are a big draw for the users as they get the extra push along with the recent promotional offers which are for free if you choose to go with the provider.

Most of the providers try new ways to present themselves and by posing as low-cost ones they try to pull on the customers who have limited budgets such as the student or people who work on wages etc. find them enticing and grab such plans. Sometimes these can be misleading, and this misrepresentation can lead to people being fooled. They will not get the required speed or quality of coverage isn’t essentially what you would want. But the users don’t usually pre-empt this and choose such plans thinking they can save on the monies. There is less retainability and of the voice calls as well as the data sessions aren’t as long as they should be. The network of such providers isn’t extensive enough to cover many areas hence you will definitely have issues with poor reception.