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Home, sweet home’ How many times have we repeated this expression? In Marva Construcciones we know that our house is our refuge, our living space, our lair. If you are thinking of building your new home, you should keep these aspects in mind to make your new home the place to keep your dreams (and not to take them away from you).

Building the perfect home requires all our energies, knowledge, and expert help. But let’s not go crazy! If many have achieved it before, why would not we be able to?


Before designing the project of our future home, we must take into account the orientation that we have in our plot: if the sun shines during the day, if it is oriented towards the north or the west, if we want to apply Construction in Malibu  to the time to give life to our house this is the time to study the best guidance we can give to the lines that will shape the plans of the house!

construction commitments


When we acquire our plot we must take into account the location in which it is located: if it is isolated, in an urbanization, with basic services nearby (school, health center, commercial area, etc.)

It is also important to know if the plot has all the necessary requirements for construction: water, electricity, telephone, sanitation, gas, … And if the plot has urbanization burdens (economic or construction commitments with municipal regulations) The architect who design the house will be up to date with everything necessary, although in the town hall you can also make all the necessary consultations.


We ourselves are the ones who must decide the style we want to give to our home. We can let ourselves be advised by experts (architects, decorators, interior designers …) but the last word we have: we are the ones who are going to spend the rest of our lives there. So much better if we decide, do not you think?