Proven Methods of Keeping Your Credit Card Safe During Holidays

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Keeping Your Credit Card Safe

Everyone deserves a holiday. Holidays are the only times during the year that you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy each day that you’re free from work-related stress and other problems. Of course, you can’t allow yourself to relax too much especially when it comes to your credit cards.

If you’re about to go on a holiday in the next few days and you plan to bring your credit cards with you, it’s best to take note of these tips to help yourself out in safeguarding your credit cards and credit information.

Talk to Your Bank

With credit card fraud so rampant, banks have put in security measures that automatically freeze your card if they detect activity that is suspicious or fraudulent-looking. If you live in the United States and swipe the card in the United Kingdom, some banks may automatically assume that you’ve been compromised and will lock up your card.

Make it a point to inform your bank about your itinerary before your departure. Give them exact details, so their staff can make the necessary adjustments to their security measures.

Keep the Number of Cards to a Minimum

Bringing most or all of your credit cards with you when you’re traveling invites a lot of danger. What if you lose all of those cards together? Granted, you can make a report to your issuer but that would be a big headache especially if you have more than five credit cards to your name.

backup credit card

One card is enough, but two is highly recommended so that you can have a backup credit card in case you exceed your limit or one of your credit cards is not accepted at any of the establishments you plan to visit.

Stick to Cash as Much as Possible

This is one reason why travel gurus always advise to establish a travel fund with its own cash stash when you’re planning on frequently traveling.

Having a separate cash fund meant specifically for your travels will keep you from using your credit card a lot during holidays. This lowers your risk for being “skimmed” or having your information stolen by a credit card swiping machine that is meant to do exactly that.

This is because having a travel fund on a debit card allows you to use cash almost anywhere in the world. You could withdraw money from ATMs, albeit with an additional charge. The separate cash fund will help keep your main savings account safe from debit card fraud as well.

Use Any Security Features at the Hotel

Basic credit card safety indicates that you should not leave your cards lying around. Don’t take chances with the hotel room either – some employees are not as honest as they should be despite training and the hotel management’s best efforts.

Keeping the card in a locked drawer is good, but can also be easily defeated by dishonest hotel staff. If there’s a safe, make use of it. Talk with the security staff at the hotel at what options you have if you plan to leave your credit card at your accommodation.

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