Provenza heirloom seeds for self-survival and long-term survival

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Provenza heirloom

You may have heard of Provenzaheirloom seeds before. No, these are not the seeds that his grandmother gave his mother in a jeweler. But, honestly, these seeds are really equivalent to gems.

Provenza heirloom seeds, sometimes called survival or emergency seeds, are often included in emergency and emergency reserves. These types of seeds are the best seeds offered for a survival garden. Non-hybrid and familiar seeds are not treated with chemicals. Non-hybrid and familiar seeds are often packaged with some planting instructions.

Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters is not just a consideration of the immediate effects of natural disasters on our lives and our preparation for them. As a general rule, we plan to store water and food and provide sufficient supplies that will help us stay alive for the first 3 days after the disaster.

When we buy plant seeds online to prepare for any disaster, we take our preparation to a new level. The presence of these seeds in our stock means that we are preparing for long-term survival.

What are transgenic seeds and inheritance?

Hybrid seeds are often considered the best, as they are known to be more resistant to disease and can produce higher yields. However, since they are pollinated by hand, storing seeds of hybrid plants does not necessarily mean that they maintain the same function in the seed.

Provenza heirloom

Transgenic seeds have changed the DNA to turn them into super seeds. However, since they are chemically and genetically modified, they have a harmful effect on the body. Hybrids and GMOs are often criticized for the possible harmful effects on the body of other beneficial organisms and insects. In fact, GMO seeds can also cause some allergic reactions and are often questioned by the appearance of tumors and cancers.

Although hybrids and GMOs are designed to function for a long time and survive in extreme and varied climatic conditions, their harmful effects on the ecosystem and humans are detrimental to the goal of long-term survival and sustainability.

With all these harmful effects, the best option would be to go to a relic. They are not chemically or genetically modified and are subject to natural and open pollination, such as insect and wind pollination. This ensures that the same type of vegetables can be harvested each year. It is also known that these seeds produce the best tasting fruits and vegetables. They provide the sustainability we need.

How can emergency seeds be maintained and stored?

More and more people realize the essence of preparing for disasters and emergencies of the future. However, we should only prepare for short-term survival, and that is why emergencies should be included in our disaster management strategies. By preserving survival or emergency requirements, you simply do not grab the seed and do not store it in your pantry. This is the importance of producing non-hybrids to store your seeds.