Choosing the Right Broadband Package Based on Your Company Size

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Right Broadband Package

In this modern age, most businesses rely on their Internet connection to function effectively and efficiently. This Internet connection is typically a broadband service, which is offered by ISPs (Internet Service Provider). If you already have an Internet connection, you should assess it, especially if your company is growing.

The good news is there are many variations in the market with regards to the upload/download speed, customer support, security, extra services, and the price. Of all the factors, business entities mostly concentrate on the price. Experts recommend that it is prudent to look at the value and not be afraid to invest in the best broadband service.

You can first consider a broadband deals. This can help you determine the right service that matches your business needs and other interest. It is a good starting point to pick a broadband package based on your company size. Here are common Internet setups you can consider based on the size of your company:

constant Internet access

  • For solo traders: if you are a solo trader or working at home but requiring constant Internet access, a low-cost broadband business package may be a safe option. However, if you have an online-only business, you should think about fibre optic broadband package. You can even consider a residential broadband package so you will not end up paying more. The good news is that there are many reliable residential packages you can choose from.
  • For small offices: if your business has more than 4 employees, experts recommend that you look for a fiber optic package. Fibre optic is faster than the standard broadband. This means that you can download videos, music and large files quicker.
  • For medium-sized offices: if you have a medium-sized office, you need to think about unlimited fibre optic business package featuring multiple phone lines. If you want to run a server, it is crucial to consider a static IP.
  • For large offices: for large offices, unlimited fibre optic business package should also be considered. To support the Internet use of multiple employees, large offices should also think about static IP and multiple phone lines. Static IP is crucial if the company decided to run its own email, server and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. It would also be beneficial to check for a dedicated customer support team.
  • For enterprises: for large offices, there is a need for a leased line or dedicated connection that is used solely by your company. This is an ideal solution because nobody will share the cables. You can expect reliable and incredible speeds, which can boost the productivity of your employees. However, you have to know that not all ISPs offer leased lines. It will take time to find the right one but it will worth it.

Final words

At the end of the day, this is just a guide. Remember that no company is alike so when it comes to broadband packages, there are more options for you. The key here is to research and compare before totally committing. No matter what happens, do not settle for less because it can affect your business performance in the long run.