Use of Satellite Automation

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Artificial satellites are used in various ways to get a clear coverage of weather, Geo-positioning navigation and telecommunication. Implementation of this particular technology has given us with access to worldwide communication. In this article, we will check out the fields where Sat-Com technology is being used.

Satellite technology has various implementations. Here are some of them. The satellites that have been launched in space has specific functions. Each satellite has a unique job to perform. Their function depends on the set programming according to the purpose.

Astronomical Uses:

A  fine example of astronomical use of the satellites is Hubble Space Telescope. It orbits the Earth and gives us pictures that don’t cover the clouded gases around the Earth better known as atmosphere. So, we get a clearer image. These satellites

Research stellar phenomenon like black holes and distant galaxies. Their basic functions are-

  1. Making star maps
  2. Clicking Photograph of the solar elements.
  3. Making maps of various planetary surfaces.

Atmospheric Studies:

These satellites are specially designed to study Earth’s atmospheric conditions. This is one of the first satellites that was spaced practically. This gives a clear picture of the weather condition.

Usage in Communication:

The satellites that are typically designed to control communication are known as communication satellites. These allow media communications to be transferred instantly across the globe. Before launching these satellites, communication was almost a challenge. Now, the presence of these satellites has made things easier.

Usage in navigation:

The first navigation satellites were acquired in the 1950s. They are used to provide with the correct navigation to the ships and aircraft. They emit a signal to calculate the position of the vessel. These satellites are very popular among the military.

Usage in reconnaissance :

These are designed to keep an eye on the other countries. These spy satellites carry secret information of the military acts of other countries. These satellites can catch radio transmission and radar communication as well while it passes over any country. These are designed to be used as a space weapon. To use them as a space weapon, warheads are needed to be placed on a low rotation so that it can fix the target at the ground. These satellites have the potential to find out missile fire or a nuclear explosion in space.

Usage in Rescue work:

There are specific satellites in space who have been launched to detect and give relief work for ships or aeroplanes that are lost in the sea or in the air. These can encounter and strike emergency radar of ships or aeroplanes in remote places.

Usage in Space Exploration:

These specific satellites can be better described as space probes.  This is a blessing of satellite technology that helps us to explore the outer world of the solar system. These satellites don’t orbit the earth like others, it travels deep into the space to gather information of other faraway planets and stellar phenomena.

Hope this article helps you to understand the functions of satellite technology. Undoubtedly, with the help of these satellites the Communication, research and positioning have become easier.