Tour 5 must-see locations of San Diego with San Diego limo service

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San Diego limo service

San Diego is a Californian US state which is situated on the Pacific Ocean coastline. It is about 120 miles to the south of Los Angeles and borders with Mexico.

San Diego is filled with activities and not-to-miss sights.It is hard to brief down the top sights of San Diego from all that the city has to offer. But, if you have less time and want to experience all the fun as well, travelling in as San Diego limo service will add to the charm.

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Here are the briefed down 5 of the must-see locations in San Diego during sunny days-

  • San Diego Bay: This bay is located within the core of the city. Water craft rentals can be taken here in the bay. You can conveniently dine in and shop along the bay side. Take a bay cruise to explore the entire bay which is provided by several companies here. The bay cruise takes around an hour or two. This cruise offers a terrific city perspective along with visibility of many installations by military.
  • The San Diego Zoo: This zoo is awesome, and hence, it is also world’s most popular zoo. It is among the top rated places within San Diego. You get to see over 3500 animals here, including a polar bear exhibit, which is people‘s favorite. The zoo is huge and atleast 6-7 hours are needed to cover the entire zoo. So plan well ahead.
  • The USS Midway: This museum has been among one of the top places of interest within San Diego.It offers an inspiring look into an aircraft carrier and life on it. It also highlights the crucial role and contribution of these floating cities in nation’s freedom. This location needs more time to explore, which is almost over 3 hours or more. Hence, be prepared to invest some time.
  • Coronado Island:This is a community as well as an ideal location to play and relax. A ferry ride or fast car tour will get you to this place from San Diego Downtown. Take a plunge in the lovely beach or bike around the island. Enjoy the food in local dining spots for a tasty meal. A day or half in this place is good enough.
  • Cabrillo National Monument:This is situated on Point Loma and offers an awesome view of San Diego Bay. There are hiking trails offered by the National Monument that are family friendly. There is also a historical lighthouse to see. Whale watching and tide pooling are two other popular activities in this place in a particular season of the year. But there are all-year around activities that this monument has to offer.

San Diego limo service will enable you to explore the top locations in San Diego saving your time in transportation as they have professionaly trained drivers who are thoroughly aware of the routes and know how to save time by taking lower traffic routes.

San Diego limo service is reliable, time saving, professional, affordable and comfortable. Touring in it would be a memorable and relaxing experience.