Where to Go for a Culinary Vacation

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Where to Go for a Culinary Vacation

Vacation is fun but it gets more interesting when you indulge in cooking sessions. This is called culinary vacations. A cooking vacation is based on the concept that food is the highlight of any trip. Culinary vacations provide an authentic experience, which is not like many standard sightseeing vacations.

In a culinary vacation, it usually includes accommodations, cooking lessons, and excursions that explore local cuisine and culture. You will decide if you want to take a fully immersive experience (which usually takes days) or a shorter experience (which will last for a few hours).

There are many culinary destinations that you can consider. Here’s a list:


Italy is one of the most sought-after culinary vacations. Any food enthusiast wants to visit Italy not just for the perfect pasta and Bolognese but also for the perfect pizza, tiramisu and many more. No matter what Italian dish you want, a cooking vacation will allow you to learn the cuisines with a “nonna” or grandmother in Italy,

culinary vacations


France is another popular destination. Many people flock to France not just for the landmark or the accent but also for the decadent foods. You must know that French cuisine is well known around the world. Whether you want a cassoulet, confit de canard, ratatouille or bouillabaisse, you can surely learn how to cook like a local in no time.


Croatia is another destination hailed for its gastronomic delights. You will learn how to cook Croatian food while sailing. This is the highlight if you consider going to the Dalmatian Coast. You can sample the peppery plavac mali wines on the Peljesac Peninsula. If you are up for it, you can harvest mussels on the banks of Mali Ston.


For an authentic Spanish culinary experience, you should consider going to Andalusia. Culinary vacations on the beach and under the Andalusia sun will surely make things memorable. There are culinary vacation packages that offer a villa with a private chef. You will surely learn how to cook and shop for prawns, cuttlefish, and squid at Malaga food market. If you are looking for more, you can also get the taste of Malaga Dulce for the wine.


If you want to visit South Asia, you should head to Goa, India. India offers curries, savory chaat, and even tandoor-baked dishes. Aside from enjoying food diversity, you get to enjoy a vibrant culture. In Goa, they are particularly emphasizing on fish, rice, vegetables, and coconut. You will surely sample complex spices.


If you are in the Americas, you should not miss the Mexican food scene. It is a culinary hotspot in North America. After learning how to prepare chilaquiles, pozole, tacos, tostadas and many more, you can also visit artisan villages and archaeological sites.

Final words

If you choose a fully immersive experience, it can cost a bit. The key here is to be flexible with the time of year and the season so you can find the best deals. As soon as you found the right destination, you should book it immediately. Keep in mind that slots will fill up quickly.