Banner for outdoors

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Poster Design


If you want to let the customers know about your business or any grand opening or about a special sale event that you wanted to do the promotion or if you want to deliver any message which is a kind of an important one, then there are the outdoor banners which will serve the purpose. These are the vinyl banners that have various options for both indoor as well as outdoor. These vinyl banners are useful in many ways like they are suitable for school, election, stage backdrop, promotion banner, large scale billboard, birthday party and also for the construction site fence.

Get the customized banners and wall units

The standard resolution will be 8 MP and also the viewing distance will be one meter and the high resolution comes with 30 MP with the half meter viewing distance and also if we consider the super high resolution which is 50 MP with the delicate pictures. These banners are affordable and cost-effective and also one important feature is that they are resistant to water and also ultraviolet rays. They can also withstand severe conditions which maintain the toughness and durability. Another important unit one can find in the banner shop is the wall unit. This wall unit has various options and the accessories which have their features which will work great.

As the wall unit is the item that is already assembled and is fixed to the room wall, it becomes a great décor for the home as well as the business.