Kids’ Night Out

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American Tent

Backyard Outdoor parties are so much fun! There are no worries about messing up your mostly white couch and carpets. No antiques or family heirlooms will be in danger of extinction. Your child’s birthday party will be a big hit with all their classmates and friends in attendance as there is no problem regarding limitations in space.

Just a bit of imagination is all you need to come up with a bash your kid will talk non-stop about for a very long time. A couple of party tents to house the buffet table and to make sure that a little drizzle could not ruin your precious little one’s birthday is always a wise investment.

Backyard party themes you might want to play around with :

  • Ahoy Mate!

Halloween is just too far away. A pirate-themed party would be a welcome treat for kids who can’t wait to try on an eyepatch or headscarf and act tough.

A backyard can be turned into a pirate ship deck look-alike by some wood planks and old curtains as sails. Barrels filled with loot bags and party favors will definitely be empty in no time.

Games that involve reading make-believe maps that will lead them to a hidden treasure will keep them occupied until you are ready to serve their meal.

  • Fun at the Movies

You may bring out your widescreen T. V. or rent a screen and projector and you’re halfway done with the preparations. Popcorn, fruit juices and hotdogs for snacks are welcome, too. Be ready for a movie marathon requests, your little guests won’t be happy with just one movie, especially in a theater such as this and all their friends to watch with. For added fun, you may ask your guests to come in as their favorite movie characters. Seating won’t be a problem, your existing outdoor furniture will do, maybe spread a couple of picnic blankets, some floor pillows and let the show begin!

  • American TentA-Camping We Will Go

A cluster of tiny tents around your backyard, a campfire to roast hotdogs and marshmallows on, and chapters and chapters of ghost stories. No one will get any sleep tonight, that’s for sure. You will be hearing giggles and shrieks way into the sunrise.

  • Pajama Party

Your guests will be coming in their most comfy outfits, ready for a no-sleep over. Unless you have loads of outdoor sleeping bags, let your tiny guests’ parents know that bringing their own sleeping bags is appreciated. Old blankets spread and tied to tree branches or poles would make cozy make-shift roofs to protect them from the draft. Make sure that there are enough lights especially near the bathrooms to avoid trips and falls. Mugs of hot choco and cookies should be at the ready as midnight snacks will be in demand.