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American Tent

Living in tents and in getting out of the comfort of the proper homes and experiencing outdoor adventures. When it comes tothe tent there are various options one can go for but only a few tent manufacturers are there in the market which stands with the exact expectation a customer has with the manufacturers and the quality of the tent they want to live in. With the advancement in tent facilities, the quality of the tent from fabric to the interior and many more took another step of providing satisfaction to the costumers. The tent quality can be classified on the basis of material and type of type. Here’s a brief about it.

American TentClassification on the basis of types

  • Solid Sidewalls: It is of no surprise that solid tent sidewalls are the most popular and in-demand products in the market palace. With ultraviolet protection and the ability to keep your guests protected from the sun, wind, and rain, purchasing a solid sidewall is the ideal way to create an indoor atmosphere wherever your event is taking place.
  • Clear Sidewalls: While window sidewalls can create an elegant view of the surrounding area, there are many times when you may want to provide everyone in attendance with a completely undisturbed view. Ideal for festivals, trade shows, and scenic areas, clear sidewalls provide anyone inside the tent with a clear view of the landscape while protecting the interior from the elements.

These are two of the types which can be classified when it comes to tents fabric it can be on basis of tarpaulins. This classification makes it easier for the customer about what they can have versus what they can have rather than the tent manufacturers needs to understand what actually the user is looking for and providing the desired even in a pocket-friendly manner.