The amazing uses of the Blockchain technology

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The enormous cost savings that Blockchain technology entails, makes its applications to everyday life endless and also desirable and convenient. Let’s see below the main uses.Visit this site to know about litecoin.

Financial services

Beyond cryptocurrencies, the advantages of Blockchain lie in the traceability of financial operations or the fight against fraud.

Health system

Improving the management of electronic medical records, guaranteeing their integrity and privacy, enabling access only by authorized personnel.Click here to know about litecoin.


t can be used to guarantee the traceability of any good, from its manufacture, to its sale or resale, or the prevention of fraud and forgery.


Expediting all the procedures involved in the transport of goods and merchandise, both its traceability and security, customs clearance, etc.


Forming the basis of all public records (health, transportation, justice, legislation, voting, taxes, pensions, etc.).


To provide greater transparency in donations to non-profit entities and their destination to specific projects.


Enabling advanced customer loyalty systems, in addition to decentralized markets for the exchange without intermediaries of goods and services.

Digital identity

An identification system can be built in which it would only be necessary to provide documentation once, to then be able to be identified by public administrations and private companies, when managing procedures or contracting services.


In the management of the so-called “Smart contracts” between customer and supplier, it is well understood what Blockchain technology is for, since its payment would be activated automatically when both parties agreed that certain conditions had been met.

Cultural products

To fight against piracy, enabling monitoring systems of intellectual property rights and their related payments, in sectors such as music or photography.


Enabling what is known as “parametric insurance”, that is, those in which the occurrence of a given circumstance automatically results in payment or compensation.