Look better and get a good tan on your body

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Getting a good tan on the body is hard to get. A good tan on the body requires exposure to the UV rays but too much exposure would have bad effects on the skin as well as the health of an individual. To protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays leads to the production of Melanin, it protects the body from bad effects of UV rays by darkening the skin. If you want to have a good body tan but cannot get needed exposure to the sun you can go for Melanotan peptide which is easily available at Lovemelanotan.


How does it work?

It helps in the generation of adequate melanin which would need much exposure to the sun and you do not have to spend months in the sun to get a good tan. It helps in tanning at a good pace and quick healing of the damaged cells. It is very suitable for pale skin people who could have bad effects of UV rays on the skin.


MT2 has many benefits to offer which are as follows-

  • It provides you faster tan and minimum sun exposure to get a good tan.
  • It is designed in a way to protect the skin layers from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • It gives you a long-lasting tan even if it is not used for a specific period.
  • The dosage calculator at the site gives you exact measurements and does not leave any scope for overdose.


The starting dosage should be minimal you have to see the reaction of the MT2 on your body. The dosage should not be more than 0.3mg. after you see the positive results of it on your body you can increase the dose to 0.5mg for quick and faster results, normally known as a loading dose. Once you reach the needed pigmentation you can start to maintain the tan by taking the 0.5mg of the dose every 3rd day. It is not a completely sunless tanner, you need to have some exposure to the sun so that you can a faster result because UV rays are required to tan the skin and MT2 helps in avoiding burning.


MT2 offered bylovemelanotanhas very few side effects and become less obvious once it gets used to it. the effects have seen an increase in sex drive, decreased appetite, and mild nausea. The side effects depend on the amount of dose which could be avoided by taking smaller doses rather than taking a big dose.

So, if you want to have a good tan on your body without harming or burning your skin you should opt for MT2 for better results.