A Man Of Dreams: Hamed Wardak’s Journey To Success

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Hamed Wardak

            A man of dreams indeed. A man for all seasons, certainly the sense of this “guy for all seasons,” has developed over the years to define an individual like Hamed Wardak, who is ready to cope peacefully with just about every conceivable circumstance. The title is also fitting for Hamed Wardak, who was raised in Afghanistan two years before General Abdul Rahim Wardak’s friend, the Soviet Union, invaded the nation in December 1979. Throughout the Soviet invasion, his father opposed the Soviets in the 1980s and was then being elected the country’s defense minister in 2004.

Journey to Music and Business

            While just 42 years old, according to an interview by digital marketing company ContentHow, Harmed Wardak has achieved enough to last many lifetimes. Wardak was one of six million refugees leaving Afghanistan during the fighting. As a young man, Wardak moved to the U.S., became a U.S. resident, and graduated from Georgetown University in 1997, where he became a valedictorian or top student. He graduated from government and political science and was also appointed a scholar in Rhodes. Since graduating, Wardak successfully handled Merrill Lynch mergers and acquisitions, set up his own clothing business, named Ludas Athletics, and founded a music production business, Valen of Wicked. In an interview with ideamensch, a forum for enterprise-related discussions, Wardak said “wicked” in the name comes from both the good and not he encountered in his life, but most specifically, the sound he makes.

            Yet most of Wardak’s adult life has centered mainly on his birthplace, Afghanistan. Wardak returned home to help reconstruct the nation, after graduating from Georgetown. As managing director of multinational development activities, a consultant that deals with the U.S. He was attributed to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. International Development Agency with generating $44 million in concept and contract construction that supported Afghanistan. After traveling across the world and talking to the elders and members of the community, Wardak felt the need for a more representative government at home. In reaction, he launched a new political campaign in 2007 named Fadayeen-e-Sul or Sacrificers for Peace. The drive’s aim was to combat the Taliban and al-Qaeda’s presence in individual sections of the world.

            Wardak often talked in the U.S. regarding the lack of democratic parties in Afghanistan save for the Communist Party and weak affiliations with a few members of the militias. He was being assisted by the Middle East Institute’s Marvin Weinbaum and an Afghanistan specialist who accepted that the absence of any international agency harmed the capacity of the government to accomplish matters. Wardak also was a co-founder of the Committee for the USA-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP) at the same time. Founded in 2009 as a charity, CUSAP aimed to establish lasting stability and development in Afghanistan.

Hamed Wardak

            Aside from business, he has also released an album entitled Valen of Wicked and journeyed to the industry of music. Valen of Wicked came from a spot, according to Wardak, that is not easy for him to understand because it was produced on such a dynamically personal basis. He may claim that the reason the company/division of music development ended up with the name Wicked has all to do with his personal past encounters, both positive and negative, yet also more to do with SOUND that he is producing for his music genre at present.


            Each individual has their roots and legacies. You do not realize what your effect is, and it may not be anything you can write on your tombstone, but this universe has posted an influence on every individual. The music produced by Valen of Wicked has the intent and sense behind it. Wardak sees music as the gateway to communicating between diverse communities and sharing a common language as he mixes up the right sounds. Hamed Wardak further claims that music can be an essential part of the healing cycle of any person, whether their suffering is physical, spiritual, or a blended combination. Valen of Wicked is not only about entertainment; it is about getting people together to preserve the spirit.