Ryan Kavanaugh Teaming Up With Snoop Dogg

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Get To Know Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh, the co-owner of the short video-making app Triller, has been in the news for various things. One of them is his recent announcement was to team up with Snoop Dogg, the superstar rapper, for starting a brand new professional boxing league that will show athletes and celebrities fighting throughout the year. The league is to be called by the name of “The Fight Club”.

The fight club!

 The first fight under the umbrella of Fight Club was between Roy Jones Junior, former world champion, and former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. It was a pay-per-view event which was an immediate success. Kavanaugh called the show the first step of many upcoming ones and added that the fights would only get big in the future. The whole idea is to change the perspective of the people towards boxing.

Kavanaugh also told about his idea of holding cards in the same manner with both sanctioned and non-sanctioned fights, which was also the case with the fight of Roy Jones Jr. against Mike Tyson. The fight was a type of exhibition.

The worth remembering Snoop Dogg commentary

One particular aspect that has gained widespread praise is the entertaining commentary of Snoop Dogg during the fight between YouTuber Jake Paul against NBA star Nate Robinson and the main fight of Jones and Tyson. He will be the celebrity host and host for all the events taking place.

Apart from this, Kavanaugh also said that Snoop Dogg would also help select the fighters for the events, book the musical events, and advise the overall series production.

There will be an upcoming fight which Kavanaugh excited and believes to be the biggest fight under The Fight Club. However, he did not mention the name of the fighters but assured that it is going to be bigger than the first one that everyone would want to see. While there is a significant decrease in the popularity of boxing mainly because of the UFC, Ryan Kavanaugh and Snoop Dogg may be up to something seeing the first fight which outdid the UFC’s biggest PPV of the year.

The fight between Tyson and Jones drew many people’s attention and was talk of the town, generating great interest among the masses. The mixing of boxing and musical events at one place has seemed to work. Similar events coming up can go very far and resurface the fandom of boxing which was once seen everywhere.