Some things to remember before your MRI session

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You must have heard from your doctor about the need for breast imaging once you reach the age of 40. The importance of this cannot be explained in simple terms. This has helped save many women by identification of the disease at a very early stage. The following are some things you must get to know regarding this.

Types of mammography:

  • Screening MRI: This is done in women who appear to have no symptoms. They are screened just to observe if there are any anomalies. Based on the findings in this stage only, further diagnosis can be done. An upright MRI in East Brunswick is also a screening since it is done on people who have no symptoms.
  • Diagnostic MRI: When your screening reveals any discrepancy, it needs to be investigated further. This is done in a diagnostic MRI. Any development in the breast or any growth is further investigated. This helps the doctor to identify what should be done further.

A 3d MRI is combined with a standard one and this process has certain advantages.

  • The need for follow-up imaging is reduced. When a standard screening is done and some discrepancy arises, then the need for additional imaging arises and the doctor prescribes the same. This can be really stressful. So, when standard and 3D imaging are combined, then follow-up can be avoided since it gives the results more accurately.
  • When the 3d imaging is combined with the standard type of imaging, then more types of cancers can be easily detected is what is felt on experience. This result has been obtained for every 1000 women screened and doctors find it a better approach.
  • Even in people with dense breast tissues, a 3d imaging helps detect the presence of cancers. With the help of this, the doctors can see even beyond these tissues and identify the disease.

Choose an authentic and reputed center for your imaging session so that your results are accurate and dependable. They should have all the latest equipment so that they can provide the correct results. If you have already taken MRIs previously you should take those reports with you too.