Knowing the Legality Behind CBD Oil

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Many people ask if CBD is legal. The answer to this is it depends on several factors. The legality of CBD oil depends on the origin of CBD and where it is used. Other cultures all over the world have used cannabis for centuries, but Americans have only begun to understand cannabis and its chemical compounds and what they can do to the body. CBD or cannabidiol oil has become popular for its health benefits, but is CBD legal?

In the US

As mentioned earlier, it is complicated. In the US, the federal law considers cannabis and CBD as predominantly illegal even if there are exceptions. Here are some things to think about. Both industrial hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis family. According to the US federal law, industrial hemp is CBD that has 0.3 percent THC by weight while marijuana is cannabis that contains more than THC by weight. If CBD oil is from hemp it is federally legal, but if it is from marijuana it is federally illegal. State laws vary in how they treat CBD oil. Every state in the US allows the use of cannabis in a particular form, but every state has different laws.

is cbd legal

In Europe

CBD is considered legal in almost all countries in Europe. However, there are certain exceptions. CBD oil is considered a novel food by the European Union. The EU limits access to many CBD products. As a result, CBD is allowed in Europe, but the laws are becoming more restrictive. European countries consider hemp with 0.2 percent THC or much less is considered legal in almost all of Europe. CBD is considered illegal in Slovakia and Lithuania. France allows only CBD isolate products.

In Asia

Is CBD legal in Asia? CBD oil is not legal all over Asia. It is important for you to be aware of the laws if you are planning to travel or you live in Asia. The legality of CBD can vary from country to another, some allowing medical or cosmetic use while others prohibiting it. Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, China, and Taiwan permit the use of CBD in certain circumstances. Some of these have a clouded judgement about CBD legality. In Japan and India, it’s not clear what is permitted and what is not. In Laos, hemp is grown for export purposes. Other countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Bhutan, and Singapore prohibit the use of CBD.

In Australia

CBD oil and CBD products are allowed in Australia, but those who want to use these have to undergo a special state program to buy the products. This program is straightforward and CBD use has increased in recent years. The program is called the Special Access Scheme. It is a medical program encompassing THC and CBD.