Neon signs- Marvellous art to explore

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Neon signs


If every time you see a neon sign, whether it’s around the city, in a club or maybe watching a movie, you are literally captured by its glow and think you would like to have one, then you can’t help but these gorgeous custom neon lights .

Thanks to Neon Art, you will in fact have the opportunity to create your neon installation , imagining the design, shape or writing you want, fantasizing about the color with which to light up and deciding the support and dimensions that are right for you.

Furthermore, each creation , being handmade and as such different from the others, is a unique piecethat only you can possess neon signs.


Led Lighting for Restaurants: What Advantages

The increasing attention paid to LED lighting can only be considered a growth factor for our society: in one fell swoop we focus on the livability of a place, its beauty, the environment and on saving on bills by decreasing waste. All this can be summed up with LED technology. And of course the restaurants are not “spared”.

Many cities are equipping their public spaces such as  gardens, historic centers, cycle paths , with LED street lamps, which in addition to being design elements that embellish the area, allow municipalities to cut lighting costs thanks to the best performance of the lamps compared to traditional ones and the almost total lack of need for maintenance interventions ; the human eye also benefits from it, since the light created by this type of emitter is the most similar to that of the Sun and currently on the market.

The advantages of this solution have begun to attract, in addition to public bodies, many private individuals who are looking for an innovative method to illuminate their structures; the use of LED technology in public places such as restaurants, hotels and bars is now well established: it allows you to create the right atmosphere, playing with temperatures and shades of the color itself, without sacrificing energy savings.

neon signs

Why choose led lighting for your restaurant

Lighting can be an important factor in a customer’s choice between different types of restaurants; in fact, the first impression is determined outside the venue!

There are those who prefer soft light for a romantic candlelit dinner or those who prefer to see several wall lamps along the walls of the rooms, to have a sense of greater depth , avoiding the creation of dark areas.

Furthermore, with appropriate lighting it is possible to enhance the qualities of the furniture and hide any defects, completing the design of the physical space, the furniture and the objects within that space.

In our opinion it is the invisible partner of good furniture. However, we must not neglect the functional needs of LED lighting for restaurants, which are very often overshadowed to favor the scenic aspect, guaranteeing good light on the table, the recognition of people and adequate light for the environment.