Budget Saving Wedding Cake Ideas

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Buying a wedding cake is a considerable expense. It can be challenging to save for without scrimping on some other aspect of the event, from the invites to the honeymoon. However, plenty of budget-saving ideas for your cake will satisfy you and your groom and won’t break your bank account! From store-bought frosting to a tiered petit fours display, these cakes offer various delicious options at affordable prices. From cheap to cozy to formal, there is a wedding cake design for every budget.

There are several ways you can save on the price of a wedding cake. First, you can always go the route of the cookie-cutter, pre-made wedding cakes at big chain bakeries. These are typically less expensive than custom cakes and make for a simple option for those without special design needs (this cake is just going to be cut into different-sized pieces!) Another way to save money on your wedding cake is to hold off on purchasing one for an entire year. Once it is time for you to order your cake, you can shop around at stores such as the grocery store and save on the price. Another way to save money on these cakes is to purchase them when they are on sale.

If you find an opportunity where your cake will be sold at a reasonable price, it might be worth purchasing early or at least looking into. If your cake is at a reasonable price, you can sell a few pieces to guests or family members. Still another way to save money on your wedding cake is to ask the baker for one wedge of varying sizes. This way, you don’t have to pay for an entire top tier that will go uneaten. Finally, if you have a lot of spare time, consider making the wedding cake yourself! There are plenty of websites and books out there that will offer instructions on how to make a wedding cake.