Who Will Be Your Perfect BTS Boyfriend?

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quiz for fun

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys is one of the most popular pop bands Hailing from South Korea. BTS has a vast fanbase scattered all around the world. And in case, you are here for the BTS quiz, then you have got the craze of BTS as well.

But, which bts member is your boyfriend? how do you suppose to choose only one, after all, all the boys are worth going gaga over. In case you are stuck with your confusion, this BTS quiz Guide will help you choose the perfect BTS Boyfriend for you. Let’s start with it.


Being the oldest member of the group, Kim Seokjin watches over the boys. He is like the mommy shark of BTS. He loves his food and is also a great cook. He also likes gaming.


The Rapper of the group Kim Namjoon is well known for being the original lineup of the group. Apart from being a rapper, he is also eccentric about art, museums, and literature. He has written several lyrics for the group.


V alias Kim Taehyung is the funny mischief-maker of the group. He loves photography and also has acted in a k-drama Hwarang. He is a great vocalist with the ability of impressive line distribution.

quiz for fun


Suga aka Min Yoongi is the introvert of the group. He is quite passionate about music. He also has a decent interest in fishing, basketball and painting.


Park Jimin is the last member to join the group. According to other members, he is hardworking and nice. However, his abs are what makes the girls go gaga over him.


Jung Hoseok is the most energetic member of the group. He is outgoing and quite funny. Furthermore, he is bright and cheerful and also known to be the sunshine of the group and fans as well.


Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member of the group. Despite being the youngest, he has a well-known reputation for being good at everything. He likes to spend his free time filming and editing.

With this concludes our small introductory guide to the BTS. Now, it will be easy to choose which bts member is your boyfriend.