Know Everything About The Intracept Procedure

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Any of the first six patients who had the novel Intracept Procedure for adverse events associated had a positive outcome. The basivertebral nerve is radioablated to the spinal endplate next to a severely deteriorating disc in this treatment.

What is the procedure’s goal?

The purpose of this operation is to alleviate back pain caused by a degenerative disc. The operation offers a very good risk-to-benefit ratio and the benefit of not requiring any recovery time.

Benefits you get through this procedure

  1. This procedure is suitable for people aged 38 to 75. All of them said their back pain had greatly decreased after treatment for at least a month. The impairment index and misery scale both improved from baseline to six weeks after treatment, indicating that the back pain had improved. With at least one month of follow-up, six patients were successfully treated.
  2. At the pre-procedure evaluation of Intercept Procedure, the average baseline Pain and disability scale were 42, and the baseline acuity magnitude for pain was 6.8, with an average age of 44 years and functional impairment duration of more than 5 years for 70% of the patients. 75% of people keep on working full-time, and 1 in 5 people use analgesics on a daily to address back pain. 70% of the patients had previously received cortisone injections for back discomfort.
  3. Now, for the patients diagnosed who have had the methodology: those that are lying in bed much better and their back pain has almost totally gone away; they have gone back to work or to their normal activities, including going back to training for strength and conditioning.
  4. Early treatment outcomes have been excellent, and I will continue to treat patients who have proper clear signs for moderate to severe pain. Please review our website’s sections on persistent back pain and the intercept operation.


So, to live a healthy life, begin with the most effective Intercept Procedure. You can obtain a fantastic deal to receive the best results without being stressed. This will not only make you feel warm, but it will also help you save money. Also, it is a dependable and cost-effective alternative for your life.